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Archived Reports: 2012-2013 2011-2012 2010-2011

2013-2014 Fishing Report

Wednesday, April 2 2014

Another very good week of fishing was enjoyed only to be ended by the worst storm we had all winter. We wound up with 10 inches of snow on Monday mixed with 50 mph winds. All of our guests that were scheduled to fish that day left the night before as the forecast looked very ugly. So our guide season is now complete. There is still plenty of ice and there probably will be for a while for those of you that want to still come and fish Devils Lake on your own.

This was by far one of the best ice fishing seasons in the long history of the Perch Patrol Guide Service. I think we proved that the perch numbers are back on the high side again. For both size and numbers Devils Lake is in its own league when it comes to jumbo perch. Our future looks very bright for many years to come.

We would like to Thank all of our guests that came to fish with us this winter. We know some of the great distances many of you travel to get hear. We appreciate that! That is why our guides work so hard to help you experience the best fishing we can while you are here. We can never please everyone but honestly the number of guests that left with a smile on their face has never been higher! We definitely look forward to seeing you back again next season.

This is the final fishing report for the 2013-14 season. If you would like to follow the fishing reports through out the open water season we would like to invite you to check out Mitchell's Guide Service. This is the open water guide service that operates out of Woodland Resort. Many of the Perch Patrol Guides work for Mitchell's Guide Service all summer long. You can either visit the website or give them a "like" on Facebook. Their facebook page is simply Mitchell's Guide Service.

Thanks Again Everybody!!! See you next year!



Wednesday, March 26

Well it's been a very good week of fishing but we did have some tough days too where it was tough to get perch to bite. These were mainly due to some of the fronts that hit us especially last weekend. For the most part, we have still been catching most of our perch in deep water. Some places we have been have been 29ft, some 39 ft, and some places as deep as 52 feet of water. We had one of our best days of the year where every group that was with us enjoyed catching their limits and then we went to the same spot the next day and we were hard pressed to even mark fish. But that's what near blizzard conditions and a cold front can do.


We have been rather lucky the past 10 days. For a while we had warm temps that melted all our snow on the lake. We went through a period of time where we had water on the ice and then Mother Nature gave us some cold temps that refroze everything and healed even the accesses. So as I write this report, we are still driving our trucks on the lake, we are still drilling through 40 plus inches of ice and we are still able to safely travel every where we want to go. The bridge areas are opening up and you need to stay away from them. Bring your ice cleats and your auger extensions or you may find yourself flat on your behind with no water in your hole.

The end of our season is near. Our last day of guiding for the Perch Patrol is April 1st. We do realize the opportunity to ice fish on Devils Lake will go on in to April. But we have to be honest, this crew has worked long and hard this winter without many days off and there comes a point in time where everyone is starting to feel the burn out taking over.

Have a great week everybody and be safe out there!


Sunday, March 16

Sorry for the delayed report, things have been crazy busy around here. Perch fishing for guests of the Perch Patrol continue to be "off the charts". Every day we seem to find more and more pe ... rch. Some days they are big schools, some days they are small tight schools, and some days they are fast moving schools that are hard keep up with. It sure is fun when there are so many perch on your screen and they are literally coming out of the six foot auto zoom on the Vexilars. These are good times!

The ice conditions continue to be very good. We did have about 3 days over the 40 degree mark and that did melt most of our snow that we had. We did have a couple of days with quite a bit of water on the ice but the cold front that hit us over the weekend re-froze most of it by now. It is very slippery out there and we would like to tell all of our guests that are coming these last two weeks of March, please bring cleats.

Our ice is still 40 plus inches thick and we are still driving our trucks. Looking at the 10 day forecast, we should be able to keep driving as long as the accesses stay in good shape.

Our schedule for March has been sold out for quite a while now and we have been asked if we are going to continue guiding in April. We so far have not scheduled anything in April and if we decide to do so I will definitely be posting it on our report page and our Facebook page.

We want to see what the forecast is and the ice conditions are in about a week to ten days from now before we schedule anything in April. We also need to judge how much gas our guides have left in the tank as well. This crew has been running hard since December 15th without many days off. We will keep you posted when we make our decision.

Have a great week everybody!

Thursday, March 6 2014

The perch fishing still remains excellent on Devils Lake for guests of the Perch Patrol. Not every group gets their limit every day but these days a lot of groups do. A day with the Perc ... h Patrol isn't always about getting limits of perch. It's about the experience, the adventure, the learning and most of all having a fun day on the ice. This season is by far one of the most successful perch catching seasons in our history and the number of clients that are going home "happy" has never been higher.

This past week we have had some interesting weather. We have had 25 below zero highs, we had winds that gusted 40 mph, and today we had a little rain. Not every minute of every day do we hammer perch but when the sun is shining usually so is the perch fishing.

Our best success has been dangling a couple of waxies or a minnow head on either Hali's or the new speed spoon from Clam outdoors tackle lineup. Not only do these lures load the tip of the rod to enable us to feel the light bites, but they travel the water column quickly so we can get back down to the bottom and catch another one. If it takes forever to get your bait to the bottom The perch easily give up and move on. So there is even a little tip for everyone.

The forecast is showing some temps in our ten-day that kind of remind a guy of spring. There is lots of mid 20s and 30s heading our way. This should keep the fish biting.

All of the remaining dates in March are now sold out and for that we thank all of you that reserved some dates with us and we look forward to fishing with you.

Have a great week everybody!

Wednesday, February 26

Humma Momma what a week! The schools of perch seem to be getting larger with each passing week. We literally had schools of perch coming out of the auto zoom on the Vexilar and at times they would be 8 feet thick! Our best day we had 26 clients all limit out on perch by 1:00 pm. Now that is some perch fishing at its best.

We are having our best luck fishing the basins in any where from 36 to 48 feet of water. Still catching most of our perch on Northland Buckshot Rattle Spoons and Hali's tipped with either minnow heads, waxies, or perch eyes. They key is as always, drilling holes and finding them. Every bay we have fished this year has a school of perch some where. It has been a fun year because we can pretty much go anywhere with our 4 wheel drive trucks. This the best access we have had on Devils Lake in years.

Our schedule is nearly sold out for this season. We do still have a few openings but with every passing day there is less and less. We have been asked if we are going to take reservations in April and the answer to that question is we will make our decision on that later in March. We need to see what the forecast is, how fried our guides are, etc.

If you are planning on fishing Devils Lake on your own make sure to put your extensions on your augers or you could be in for a long trip.

Have a great week everybody!

Tuesday, February 18

Wowzers! What a week! The Great American Jumbo Perch-A-Thon continues for the Perch Patrol on Devils Lake, North Dakota. These are good times we are enjoying this year and every week seems to top the previous one. It is so fun to see our guests experience this kind of fishing--it is truly world class!

It is pretty awesome to have some warmer temps. The past couple of days have been absolutely gorgeous. We are mid way through February now with March right around the corner. The good news is our ice is so thick we are having to use extensions on our augers. We are very confident we will be able make until the end of March this season.

Our schedule is very full. We are almost completely sold out for this season. We do have some scattered room in March but it is going fast. One question we are constantly asked especially now that we are nearly full on most dates is if we allow people to follow us for a fee or if we would be willing to sell fishing information? As politely as I can possibly answer these questions the answer is NO! Our commitment is to our customers that have made reservations period. When we are full that means all of our guides are guiding 4 clients that deserve 100 percent of our attention. The other issue is that the spots are at times can be very sensitive to too much pressure.

As far as openings in March, the first three weekends are full, we do still have room the last weekend. As far as during the week, it is best to call and we will do our best to find some available dates.

Have a great week everybody!

Tuesday, February 11

Things continue to rock and roll for the Perch Patrol on Devils Lake. This is easily shaping up to be one of our best years ever. It seems like every where we go on this lake, we find a new batch of perch. It really makes a huge difference when we find a fresh school that haven't seen a lure for a while. They tend to be of the biting variety.

We continue to have our best luck in 34 to 52 feet of water using northland buckshot rattle spoons, or some new lures made by Clam Outdoors. Both the bomb spoon and the speed spoon have proven to be very successful. Minnow heads are still producing the best, followed by a perch eye, and wax worms.

If you are coming to Devils Lake to fish on your own, make sure to bring your auger extensions. The ice continues to grow and we are finding some places that you won't get through with out at least a 6 inch extension.

Our schedule is nearly full for the rest of this season. We still have some room in March but it is filling fast. More room the last 10 days of March and by the looks of things and our ice thickness we should easily be still fishing until then.

Have a great week everybody!


Monday, February 3, 2014

We would like to send out a Huge Thank You for all the Perch Express customers that we talked to this past week.  It wasn't the funnest phone call to make informing everyone that we are abandoning the Amtrak service.  But in our heart of hearts, we are doing the right thing.  I personally have checked the train status every day and it continues to run 5 to 9 hours late.  This would have been disastrous for our Perch Express Packages and we just had to put a stop to it.  So again thank you for understanding and a special thank you for those 80 percent of you that chose to keep your reservations and drive here.  We did have a few dates open as a result of some of the cancellations and they will be posted below.

What a monster week we had on jumbo perch on Devils Lake!  This nearly rivaled our early ice bite we had in mid December!  Numerous groups with the Perch Patrol caught their limits of perch.  It is so fun, when our perch fishing is this good.  To see grown men running around like they are little kids on their way to an amusement park.  Fun to be a guide with the Perch Patrol these days!

We are still catching most of our perch on the small 1/16 oz Northland Buckshot Rattle Spoon, Hali's, Clam Outdoors Bomb spoons, all tipped with either minnow heads, perch eyes, or wax worms.  One of the keys to our success is finding the larger schools of fish and then it doesn't seem to matter what you have on, they seem to compete for it.  One of the coolest moments in ice fishing is when you watch your bait fall through the water column on your vexilar and you see the 3 or 4 foot wave of fish racing up to meet your lure before you reach the 6 foot auto zoom.  This doesn't happen every day but when it does, it sure gets your heart pounding.

We haven't fished walleye a whole lot this year, with all success we have had on perch, but we have had some pretty decent catches in the morning hours.  We have been fishing break lines along structure in any where from 15 to 30 feet of water.  We did fish Northern Pike a couple of days.  We had two groups that limited out on perch a couple of days in a row and chose to fish pike on their last day.  The results were...limits of 4 to 6 pound northern pike, all caught jigging for them.  That can't be done on many lakes in this continent.

Openings that recently opened resulting from train cancellations:

February 9th through February 13

February 17

February 19 and 20

February 24 through February 28

Call the Perch Patrol Hotline (701) 351-3474 or Woodland Resort (701) 662-5996 to check availability or make reservations.

Have a great week Everybody!

Sunday, January 26th, 2014

Before we get in to this weeks report, we must discuss a major issue regarding the Perch Express Package.  In last weeks report it was mentioned about the lack of service that Devils Lake has been receiving from Amtrak.  We also mentioned that we would report more on this subject as more information became available to us.  The news that we have been receiving about Amtrak service to Devils Lake is not good.  This has been a developing situation that we have been dealing with so far this season and is also a situation that in 19 years, we have never had to deal with.  The main problem is all the oil traffic on the BNSF rail line that Amtrak uses to get to Devils Lake, ND.  Because of the Oil boom in western North Dakota, the BNSF line that runs through Devils Lake has become congested with freight train traffic causing the Amtrak Empire Builder to pull over and sit in a waiting pattern, in many cases for several hours.  The past 2 weeks alone, the train has been running anywhere from 3 to 5 hours late in the mornings.  This alone has cost our clients at minimum a half of day of fishing and in some cases the whole first day.  The east bound train that runs at night (this would be the train that brings you back home) most of the time doesn't even come in to Devils Lake.  Most of the time this train takes an alternate route from Minot, ND to Fargo, ND leaving Rugby, Devils Lake, and Grand Forks without Amtrak service.  At times Amtrak has shown up with buses or vans to transport passengers but other times our customers have been told to rent a car to get to Fargo and this is not an option in Devils Lake, North Dakota.  Neither the Perch Patrol Guide Service or Woodland Resort has the time or the staff power to bring our clientele to Fargo, North Dakota at 3:00 am.  We have been hoping this would get better but it has been brought to our attention that this situation in no way is going to improve for quite a while if not indefinitely.  Therefore we have no choice to discontinue taking reservations from clientele that requires Amtrak service.  We are in the process of calling all of the customers that already have reservations on our Perch Express Packages and have train tickets through Sues Travel Center.  We have no choice but to inform them of this situation and give them either the option of driving or canceling their trip entirely.  Refunds for the train tickets are being taken care of through Sue at Sue's Travel Center for the train tickets and Woodland Resort also needs to be notified on whether your party is willing to drive, whishes to reschedule, or chooses to cancel.

This is a sad day!  For 19 years, our customers have enjoyed coming fishing with us and have enjoyed the experience of riding Amtrak.  The combination of the two provided for a great adventure.  But given the current situation regarding the train, it has become a horrible experience that is costing our customers too much lost fishing time.  None of this is any of our control and we know that this is going to be a huge inconvenience to those customers that have reservations but our policy has always been about honesty.  Knowing what we now know about this situation and to do nothing and allow this dilemma to continue to unfold, would be a disservice to our customers.

Contact Numbers for those with reservations on the Perch Express Package and Amtrak tickets:

Sues Travel Center            (701) 662-7837

Woodland Resort               (701) 662-5996

Perch Patrol Guide Service  (701) 351-3474

Now for the good news!  The perch fishing this past week was absolutely incredible!  In fact, we are not sure it could get much better.  Numerous limits of jumbos were caught and just about all of our clientele cashed in Big time!  The cool part about fishing these perch was seeing how big the schools were.  At times the whole 6 foot auto zoom side would fill in with fish.  When the perch schools are that thick, they definitely compete for your lure and often times shoot up and meet your lure on its way to the bottom.  Good Times!

I know this sounds like a broken record, but we are still fishing the basin in depths anywhere from 36 to 48 feet of water.  We are still having our best success on the Northland Buckshot Rattle spoon tipped with minnow heads, perch eye, or wax worms.  We have been many places on Devils Lake this winter and if you drill enough holes and be mobile and are willing to work at it, the schools of perch can be found on virtually any part of the lake.

The walleye fishing has been decent but with all the perch success, we have not spent much time fishing for them.  We had one group that wanted a break from the perch, decided to go fish northern pike and they absolutely crushed them.  They got their 3 person limit of 15 in very short order.

We are having one of our best and most successful fishing seasons in our history of the Perch Patrol.  This train thing is a major bummer, but we are a 6 1/2 hour drive from Minneapolis, MN.  The roads are 4 lane the entire way.  My point is that this is an easy drive for fishing this good.  Just think about the 10,000 lakes most of our customers from Wisconsin drive by to get here. 

Sunday, January 19th, 2014

What a crazy week it was.  First of all, we would like to offer our sincere apologies for the lack of service that Amtrak has given us this past week.  We had customers that couldn't make it here because of a train derailment on the line that Amtrak runs on.  We can understand a derailment from another train can cause problems.  BUT, in our 19 year history, we have never experienced the problems we have had to endure with getting our Perch Express customers here on time or in some cases here on the same day.  Things must get better with the train or we are going to have to explore other options.  Sad to see but enough trips have been ruined because of the train.  We do not know all the reasons why they are having so much trouble but we are exploring them and desperately want answers.  We will keep you posted when we find out more information.

There, the rant is over!  The fishing was excellent at times, poor at times, and mediocre at times as well.  A lot had to due with the weather.  We have kind of seen it all this week from beautiful sunny skies, to extreme cloudiness, temperatures in the high 30's to temps in the - 20 below zero range.  Plus a midweek storm that gave us gusty winds to 65 MPH.  When the weather was good, so was the fishing and when the weather was bad, the perch seemed to stay belly to the bottom and didn't seem very interested in eating.  So we turned our focus to walleye fishing for a couple of these days and it paid off Big time!  Limits of beautiful walleyes were caught by our customers and believe it or not it was challenging to talk them back in to perch fishing once the weather straightened out.

Needless to say, it was a crazy week.

Our best perch fishing is still happening in the basin.  Depths anywhere from 42 to 48 feet of water.  Still catching most of our fish on Northland Buckshot Rattle spoons, Haili's, and the new bomb spoon made by Clam Outdoors.  Minnow heads, waxies, perch eyes, and maggots, are all working.

Ice conditions and Snow conditions:

Ice continues to grow and I can't even tell you an accurate measurement because I haven't measured for a while.  You don't need extensions yet but probably will in the not so distant future.  Our luck continues with the lack of snow on Devils Lake.  There is some snow but it is still hard as a rock.  We do still see bare ice in places.  Four wheel drive vehicles are making it around no problem.

Our schedule is very full.  Other than a day or two that we can take two people we are full until February 10th.  We do have some room between Feb. 10 thru Feb. 28.  It is best to call for availability.  March is filling fast as well.

Have a great week Everybody!


Sunday, January 12 2013

Another fun filled week for the guests of the Perch Patrol.  Some of our mid week guests were treated to quite a surprise as

"Mr. Ice fishing" Dave Genz paid us a two day visit.  Not only did they get to meet our good friend Dave, they got to fish with him!  He showed off the new Vexilar FL-28, handed out some of the new line up of Clam Outdoors tackle for them to try and demonstrated numerous jigging techniques.  A lot of stories were told about the history of the ice fishing revolution, not too mention a lot of fish were caught during all of this.  It was quite a site when Mr. Genz walked into the fish cleaning station at Woodland Resort.  It was the first time we have ever heard the buzzing of all the electric fillet knives come to a complete stop!  Always a good time when Dave comes to pay us a visit.  He is going to try and come back and pay us two more visits this season, once in February, and again in March.

Dave Genz is pictured front and center in the very first picture below with the Button and Haskins group.

The fishing overall this past week was not quite as easy as we have had so far this year.  We had to work a little harder, move quite a bit more but all in all, the Perch Patrol Guides made something happen every day.  It was hard to string together two days in a row in the same location.  Just when we thought we had the perch figured out, they threw us a curve ball.  We had some very good walleye fishing at times.  It seems like the before dark bite has been better than the morning bite for walleyes.  Actually the mid to late afternoon perch bite seemed to be better than the morning bite as well.

We are still catching most of our fish on Northland Buckshot Rattle Spoons tipped with minnow heads or perch eyes. We did have one day that wax worms were the best.  As far as depths go...back to being all over the board.  We had a real good bite going in 43 feet of water early in the week but when that bite ended, some of our guides caught perch in 23 feet and we ended the week in 46 feet of water.  So go figure.  Just have to keep drilling holes and move, move, move.

Our ice conditions are approaching the 30 inch mark and our snow conditions remain the same.  Be careful however that rain we had last week put a crust on this snow that is VERY slippery.  Either wear cleats or walk like a penguin.

We have had quite a few calls regarding our availability.  We have had to turn quite a few groups down because we are full on a lot of dates.  We do still have a lot of room towards the end of February and March but things are still filling very rapidly.

Here is what we still have available for the rest of January...

Jan 19 and 20 room for 4 to 6

Jan 21 and 22 room for 2

Jan 23 room for 8

Jan 25 room for 6

Jan 26 room for 5

Jan 27 room for 5

Have a great week everybody!

Sunday, January 5 2013

Well, another very good week for the Perch Patrol.  Today was very tough but the conditions were not fit for man or beast.  23 below zero with 25 to 30 mph winds equals 50 to 60 below wind chills, which means we hunker down and hope for the best.  It is very important to choose the right spot on these kind of days and today we did not choose the right spot.  Oh well, we will get them tomorrow.  Other than today, this past week was stellar!  We had a ton of fun and we seemed to catch fish no matter where we went. 

Our best success this week was fishing the basin in about 42 to 45 feet of water.  Out best luck continues to be jigging Northland Buckshot rattle spoons with a minnow head.  We have also had some good walleye catches both while we caught perch and when we specifically targeted walleyes.

About the only species we haven't fished yet is the northern pike.  Honestly with the fishing this good on perch, we haven't had any clients even mention northerns.  We have heard reports though that the northern pike fishing has also been very good.  As usual the shallow water flats on the main lake and other lakes that have recently become part of Devils Lake still produce the best fishing for northern pike.

Well it sounds like we have a couple more days of the brutal cold and then we get to enjoy some warmer temps by mid week.  Hopefully it will last a while.  There are some positives that come from this cold weather and that is it keep giving us more ice and it seems to keep it from snowing.  We currently have 24 to 26 inches of ice most places now and the little snow we did have has become so rock hard it is almost as if it became part of the ice.

The reservations are booming and it is getting more difficult to find room for groups in January.  The month of February is also filling quite rapidly. 

Have a great week everybody!


Saturday, December 28 2013

Happy Holidays everybody!  It has been another great week for the Perch Patrol Guide Service despite some of the weather we have been dealing with.  The above photo was taken today as another weekend cold front hit us.  Hats off to all of our guests that braved the 50 mph winds and near blizzard conditions.  Another Hats off to Clam Outdoors that makes the Fish Trap Thermals and Jason Mitchell Thermals that keep our customers warm and comfortable and able to fish in these type of conditions.  Although we kind of hunkered down today and didn't move much, we were able to catch both perch and walleyes today until about 2 o'clock when the "lock jaw" seemed to set in for everyone.

We have had some great walleye fishing and perch fishing this week.  Our best success has still been on the Northland Buckshot Rattle spoons tipped with a minnow head.  For walleyes we have been doing the best on flooded structure namely points and humps and our best perch fishing has been in 28 to 34 feet of water.  It has been a fun season so far as our ice conditions are now 20 inches and the lack of snow we have on the lake, has enabled all of us to really hit a ton of spots.  It seems like everyday we find a new spot or two and the results have provided some pretty happy clientele.

The schedule for both the Perch Patrol Guide Service and Woodland Resort is really filling fast.  The Perch Patrol does still have some openings the starting on Dec. 30th and a few openings through January 12th.  We do have seven guides on the Perch Patrol and it takes a lot to fill us but we do have a ton of dates that are sold out.  Best recommendations to give you is call the Perch Patrol Hotline and visit with Zippy and he will help you find some dates that will work.  Woodland Resort is extremely busy and the lodging in January is very tight.  They do have some room in February and probably more room in March, so keep that in mind.  We have a ton of winter left and we do have incredible fishing that happens in both of those months.  Other lodging options to be explored are Lakeview Lodge, which is not far from Woodland Resort or the city of Devils Lake has a lot of motels to choose from. 

The word has spread through out the ice belt of the fantastic fishing on Devils Lake that we are experiencing.  This is why things are so crazy busy up here.  We don't want to discourage you from planning a trip here but just want to understand how important it is to make your plans now and make your reservations.  This schedule will sell out.

Below are some pictures from the last week.  Not too shabby considering we had Dec. 24, 25, and 26th off for Christmas.

Have a safe and Happy New Year Everybody!

Thursday, Dec. 19 2013

All we can say is WOW!  We returned from the sport shows in Duluth, Minnesota and Wausau, Wisconsin and immediately stepped into guiding customers and our rods have been double over ever since.  The story that was released by our ND Game and Fish this fall regarding the booming perch population in Devils Lake currently is proving to be as accurate as can be.  I don't know if we ever, in our 19 year history have group after group limiting out on perch every day like we have this week.

Northland Buckshot Rattle spoons tipped with either a minnow head, perch eye, or wax worms have been the hot ticket so far.  We have cought good numbers of perch in 10 feet, 18 feet, 23 feet, 34 feet, and 42 feet of water.  We have been also catching walleyes and white bass along with the perch. 

As far as ice conditions, we are finding 15 to 17 inches most everywhere we have been so far and we are driving out trucks on the ice.  If you are going to tackle Devils Lake on your own, as always be careful and watch out for cracks and pressure ridges.

We also hosted a pretty darn cool media event this week.  We would like to Thank Suzie Kenner and the Devils Lake Tourism for hooking us up with Steve and Kieth Worrell and Brooke from Outdoors First Media in Rhinelander, Wisconsin.  They have a killer website  They shot numerous videos for the website and took a ton of really cool underwater footage of jumbo perch making the biggest mistake of their life.

A couple of items that we need to mention...  Things are CRAZY BUSY!  Please have patience when calling both the Perch Patrol Hotline and Woodland Resort.  Leave a message, I will get back to you.  These phones are ringing off the hook and we are having to spend more time than normal on the phone as we are trying to find room to accomodate people.  Our dates are filling up rapidly and once we are full, we are full.  If your party is on our schedule one thing you can do to help is to go online and buy your fishing license before you come.  It is quite simple and doing so, will enable your party to get out fishing faster on your first day.  If you are waiting for a reply on an email, I am doing the best I can.  Often I just call you instead of returning email.


Thursday, December 12 2013

This is what life is like these days for members of the Perch Patrol Guide Service and Woodland Resort.  Yes, it is what we call the sport show season.  First off, we would like to Thank each and every one of you stopped by and visited us at the St. Paul Ice Fishing Show last weekend.  Record attendance was set again.  It truly amazes us how this show continues to grow!

This weekend we are actually attending two shows at the same time.  Half of us will be spreading the good word of Devils Lake fishing in Duluth, Minnesota and the other half of us will be making a return trip to Wausau, Wisconsin.  This is the very first time we have ever attended a sport show in Duluth, Minnesota so that will be kind of interesting to visit with ice anglers in northern Minnesota, Canada, and Wisconsin.  The Wausau show last year was a huge success for us.  I don't think there was a week that went by last season that we didn't have someone in camp from the Wausau, Wisconsin area.  We just had to go back!  So if you are attending either show, please stop by grab a brochure and we will tell you all about the incredible opportunities we are looking forward to on Devils Lake this year.

Needless to say, we haven't had a whole lot of time to fish this past week.  Winter has arrived ahead of schedule for us this year and although we would love to be fishing, we have to honor our commitments to these ice fishing shows as they are planned six months in advance.

It has been very cold here this past week.  Pretty common to see a high of zero during the day and as low as 20 below at night.  The ice is growing!  We already have 11 to 13 inches most places.  Although we don't encourage it quite yet, but in the not so far future I am sure trucks driving on the ice will be a common sight. 

Our first guests arrive this weekend and next week our schedule is nearly full so we will have more reports for you at that time.  Until then, stay safe, stop by and see us at a sport show near you and good luck fishing!

Wednesday, December 4th 2013

We're Back!  Devils Lake is froze over with anywhere from 6 to 9 inches of ice.  So far, we have dodged the snow for the most part.  A little scary yesterday morning as the weather men were predicting 12 to 16 inches for the Devils Lake Region.  We feel very fortunate to have so far, only received an inch or two.  It is hard to tell because the wind has been blowing pretty strong.  The good news is behind this so called winter storm is a bunch of bone chilling cold weather to help make even more ice!

The fishing has been excellent so far!  Some of our guides have been hitting it pretty hard fishing on their own and they have been able to limit out on both perch and walleyes every time they have been out.  The perch outlook for Devils Lake for this upcoming season is one of the strongest we have ever had.  I don't know if you have been following the Perch Patrol Guide Service Page on facebook but we shared an article about the Perch outlook for Devils Lake by our chamber of commerce.  In the article the ND Game and Fish talks about the numbers of 12 to 14 inch perch that is currently in the lake is off the charts!  So that is good news!  Most of us on the Perch Patrol also guide for Mitchell's Guide Service during the open water season.  Although we mostly target walleyes and northern pike, the number of jumbo perch we caught this summer (on accident) was higher than we have ever seen.

We are headed to the St. Paul Ice Fishing Show this weekend and are very excited to visit with fisherman about all the exciting opportunities we have to look forward to this winter.  If you are even thinking about going to the show, you just gotta do it.  It is the largest ice fishing show in the world.  It is literally the Super Bowl of ice fishing.  Tons of seminar speakers, two hundred booths of ice fishing products, resorts, guides, all the new ice fishing innovations, it is just incredible what there is to do and see at this show.  Once again, the Perch Patrol will be there sharing a booth with our "home" Woodland Resort.

Our first guests arrive on December 14th.  If you have not yet made your reservations for this upcoming season, now is the time.  We have never had so many in the books this early in the season, and we are doing three sport shows in the next two weekends.  So if you want to beat the rush, and be more assured of getting the dates you want, we encourage you to do so very soon.

That's all we have for now, hope to see you at the St. Paul Show!




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