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Latest News

Saturday, January 30th 2016

We are in the midst of enjoying a wonderful season so far on Devils Lake.  Although the lanino winter has given us some challenges, we did experience one major cold stretch that really helped our ice conditions improve and grow.  We are pretty much finding 20 inches of ice every where we have been fishing and we have been driving our trucks for quite a while now.

The perch fishing has been very good.  We are not getting limits everyday but we have had plenty of days that we have been catching limits of perch.  Our overall size on the perch is down from our boom year of two years ago.  The experts say we are between cycles right now as the perch in the 8 to 10 inch range account for the highest numbers in our perch population.  We are still seeing plenty of 10 to 14 inch perch mixed in however.  These 8 to 10 inch perch are from our explosive 2013 hatch and in two more years, we will be at the peak of our clyle for 12 to 14 inch perch again.  Never fails, we always seem to have great years to look forward to on Devils Lake.  This fishery is absolutely amazing!

Just want to let our future guests know that the past few days the temperatures have been extremely warm here for late January.  The past few days we have had 35 to 40 degrees with a lot of wind and it has pretty much melted and shrunk our snow pack.  We have a lot of glare ice conditions now which are very slippery so by all means BRING YOUR ICE CLEATS.

Our schedule is pretty much sold out until after the 15th of March.  We are scheduling guest until the end of March as always but we cannot gaurantee our ice will hang in there that long.  Hopefully it will.  Just a reminder if you want to schedule a trip the last two weeks of March and we do end up cancelling because of unsafe ice conditions, everything is 100 percent refundable, so there really is no risk in doing so.  Please check our availability calander on for available dates.

Good Luck Fishing Everybody!

Sunday, December 20th  2015

Hey Everybody!  It has been a long fall!  Now that's a major understatement!  The effects of the Elnino winter have been felt by everyone hoping to go ice fishing and they have impacted us on Devils Lake as well.  But we have good news!  We have fish-able ice on parts of Devils Lake and some smaller lakes in the area and the fishing so far has been outstanding!  Walleye fishing has been steeling the headlines lately but some of our guides have cashed in on some pretty impressive perch fishing as well.

The main parts of Devils Lake finally has iced over with the exception of East Devils Lake.  So, the main lake is going to need some time to build some ice before anyone can venture out and fish these parts.  But the western parts of the lake have had ice for close to a month now and we have found 6 to 9 inches of ice on the places we have been fishing.  The Perch Patrol Guide Service uses extreme caution as best we can and we will not guide on less that 6 inches of ice.  We appreciate the guests that had early trips planned and chose to reschedule later in the season. 

We do have guests fishing with us (started yesterday) and as I type this, and our guide season is under way!  Below are some photos of our from yesterday and some perch photos from last week from our guides Nick, Brett, Tanner, and Tanner.  My God we sound like a law firm!  These guys have been the boots on the ice doing most of the fishing and checking ice while some of us have been doing sport shows.  I want to Thank them for all their efforts so far and because of them we are confident we can begin our guide season safely.

So, we are up and running!  The fishing has been awesome so far and we look forward to having our whole crew hitting the ice on December 27th.  Yes, we will be on 4 wheelers, snowmobiles, Polaris Rangers, for quite a while but we are FISHING by God, and that is more than most destinations can say right now. 

We would like to wish everyone and Merry Christmas and tell everyone to be safe out there!

Wednesday, December 2  2015

Hey Everybody,

Well we have some ice on the western parts of Devils Lake, where it is shallower water.  We have a good 4 to 5 inches on Lake Irvine, Dry Lake, and Pelican Lake.  The Minnawaukan Flats has been froze over for a while as well, but the reports are in the 2 to 3 inch range.  The rest of Devils Lake froze over this past Sunday, but yesterday most of the lake was open water again. 

Some of our guests have trips before Christmas planned with us and we will be monitoring our ice situation more closely coming up.  We need some time to explore some of the shallower bays and smaller lakes to see if we can find some fish that will be worthy of providing quality trips.  We realize the great distance some of our guests travel to get here and we want to make sure we can provide a quality experience that produces good fishing.

So, hang in patient...we will call you if we feel we need to cancel or reschedule trips.

Tomorrow morning some of the Perch Patrol Guides will be heading down to St. Paul, Minnesota for the annaul "World's Largest Ice Fishing Show"  Again, we are sharing a booth with Woodland Resort on the main floor of the Wilkins Audotorium at the St. Paul River Center.  Please stop by, grab a brochure, and let's talk fishing!  We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about Devils Lake, Woodland Resort, and the Perch Patrol Guide Service.


Saturday, November 7 2015

Well no ice yet!  Actually, we have had a warmer fall than normal.  We have been busy putting our boats away for the winter and a lot of the Perch Patrol guides are busy hunting waterfowl and pheasants.  Brett Kenner just returned from a bear hunt in Alaska!  So we are taking a much needed break from on heck of a busy summer for Mitchell's Guide Service.

A few changes for this upcoming season in our staff.  Our long time veteran guide Jeff Dosch has decided to retire from guiding.  Last season Jeff suffered with an injury to his eye that affects his ability to process light.  Apparently it is worse for him during the winter months with everything being brighter.  Jeff also started a new business called Lake Region Roofing and he is going to focus all of his attention towards his new venture.  Congradulations Jeff!  We will miss you!


A few additions we have made to bolster our guide staff will be the full time addition of Pete Harsh - "Mr. Tiller."  Pete has been guiding with us during the summer months on Devils Lake the past 4 years and has come back to help out with the Perch Patrol on a part time role the past two seasons.  Pete Harsh is one of the most succussful anglers in professional walleye tournament history.  His list of credentials and accomplishments are far too numerous to mention here but we are extremely lucky to have him join our crew full time and we look forward to working with him.  To read more about Pete visit our Meet the Staff Section on the Perch Patrol website


Another great addition to the Perch Patrol this season is perhaps the Hottest Stick in Professional Walleye fishing these days and that is Korey Sprengel.  Korey is from Beaver Dam, Wisconsin and since 2011 his accomplishment and tournament succes is "off the charts."  In the past 4 years Korey has won 7 major tournament championships and in 2013 he tied for the prestigious Angler of the Year award.  Despite all of Korey's success, he remains a very humble guy and enjoys teaching and promoting fishing on the open waters or on the ice.  To read more about Korey visit our Meet the Staff Section on the Perch Patrol Website  It is a quite a feather in our hat to acquire such talents as Pete and Korey and we are very excited to have them in our arsenal.


The reservations for this coming season are absolutely nuts!  I am very happy with the number of people that we have scheduled so far.  If you are planning a trip to come and fish with us this winter, now is the time to make the reservation.  Please take visit our availability calender on our website and find a time that works best for your group size and give us a call.  Our rates are the same and please take a look at the great packages we offer through Woodland Resort and the Sleep Inn and Suites.

Last Years Latest News

March 10, 2015

CONDITIONS ARE CHANGING RAPIDLY ON DEVILS LAKE.  This past week is proving to be a game changer as far as our ice conditions on Devils Lake.  Mother Nature has been giving us temperatures in the mid to high 40's with bright sun and some wind.  Mix it all together and in 5 days time, we have lost all our snow, we have water on the ice, and the accesses are already full of water.  The bad news is it's only going to get warmer and the winds are supposed to increase.  NOT GOOD.

As I write this post, here is the 10 day forecast beginning with tomorrow...

Mar. 11    57 degrees

Mar. 12    59 degrees

Mar. 13    53 degrees

Mar. 14    62 degrees

Mar. 15    69 degrees and windy

Mar. 16    47 degrees and windy

Mar. 17    48 degrees

Mar. 18    41 degrees

Mar. 19    37 degrees

The scary part in all of this, is that we have really not yet broke the 50 degree mark and we can see first hand how things have already changed.  We are no longer freezing at night.   Then you look at the upcoming forecast and I really don't see how this ice is going to hold up in the high 50s and high 60s especially when you add the wind with it.

It is time to be realistic, and face reality.  Our number one priority is keeping our customers safe.  We want to serve you in the future.  Our plan is to continue to take our guests fishing up until March 14th as longs as the shorelines hold up.  Beyond March 14, the wind will start and I cannot imagine how fast conditions will change those days!

If you have reservations, with the Perch Patrol beyond March 14th, you will be getting a phone call and an explanation of why we are cancelling.  We are going to open our reservations for next season and we would like to give all of you that we have to cancel first crack at them.

We apologize for the disappointment that this is going to cause but these are all conditions that are beyond our control.  Thank You for understanding!

Steve "Zippy" Dahl

Director, Perch Patrol Guide Service

Welcome to the newest section of the Perch Patrol Web site.  The latest news page of our web site is to better inform our guests of latest happenings with the Perch Patrol Guide Service, to announce any latest cancellations that may have recently occurred, and to keep our future guests informed of any updates that they may need to be aware of.  This section did replace the fishing report section.  We have discontinued the Perch Patrol Fishing Report for a variety reasons all of which we believe will be in the best interest of preserving good fishing for guests that are currently fishing with us and guests that will be fishing with us in the near future.

The fishing on Devils Lake is constantly getting torched on web site forums, and frankly we

are sick of hearing it and reading about it.  By now everyone knows that the perch fishing on Devils Lake is down from last season.  Honestly, last season was probably the best we have ever seen on Devils Lake in the history of the Perch Patrol.  But fishing on Devils Lake, is still pretty darn good.  Not every day do our guests catch their limit of perch but we have had a lot of good days that they do or come close to their limits.  The walleye fishing is still better than anywhere else in the midwest. 

So why all the whining?  Things on Devils Lake have changed.  Perch are not in the same areas all the time.  The old method of looking for fish on top of the ice, instead of below it or barging in on other fishermen isn't working very good this season.  It's time to drill more holes, try different depths, and figure things out on your own.

The photos below are a sample of some of the fun we have had since our last fishing report that was posted on January 11th.  This should give some of our critics out there that say we quit doing fishing reports because the Perch Patrol isn't catching fish anymore something to think about...

The fish are out there folks! 












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